Content Marketing & SEO

I help companies in the tourism industry devise targeted, SEO-driven content strategies to identify and engage with potential new customers. I’m skilled in content creation, SEO, social media and the use of inbound marketing to bring eyes – and sales – to your website.

Why use inbound marketing to grow your business?

Research indicates that B2C companies with a regular blog generate 88% more leads each month than those without and that inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a way of engaging with potential customers by helping them fulfil their needs – and has been proven to increase leads significantly. Doing this with a consideration of SEO and how you can use Google to drive you free, organic traffic is guaranteed to deliver the best results.

How can I help?

Through my role as SEO Content Manager for digital marketing agency Dark Horse, I helped clients increase revenue by everything from 100% to 1,000%, delivering an incredible ROI of 568%. This success came through keyword-rich content planning, trend analysis, holistic on- and off-site SEO strategies and targeted email marketing campaigns.

My own travel website, Worldly Adventurer, receives close to a million page views annually and is one of the biggest websites about travel in South America in the world.

The types of services I offer include:

  • Writing compelling content that engages potential customers and leads to greater business exposure – and more importantly, sales – via Google and on social media.
  • Lead generation through email marketing campaigns that combine lead magnets with expert-written sales emails.
  • Establishing the authority of businesses with regards to geographical destinations or travel topics through well-researched, interesting blog content that appears on page one in the search results.
  • Increasing the Google search presence of business websites through holistic SEO strategies that drive long-term traffic and sales.
  • Editing website copy to erase grammar and spelling errors which could lead potential customers to question the legitimacy of your business.
  • Social media consultation to help businesses understand how better to engage their audience on different platforms.

What impact have I had for previous businesses?

July 2016 and July 2017: Inbound Cycle, Spain

Working as a ghostwriter for a client of Inbound Cycle:

I authored over 200 SEO rich articles targeting specific keywords that were relevant to the client’s travel niche.

  • By April 2017, 48 keywords were ranked on the first two pages of Google, with six keywords ranking in numbers 1-3 on the first page of Google.
  • Subscriptions to the blog tripled over these months to 1,000+ subscribers. Of these subscriptions, 60% were MQLs.
  • By April 2017, the blog was receiving 11,000 unique visits per month.

I authored six ebooks as a strategy for lead generation.

  • The ebooks have received over 4,500 downloads.
  • They have generated over 4,000 leads, close to 100 SQLs and 30 new customers.

Interested in learning more about the content marketing packages that I offer, tailored to the needs of different business types and sizes?

Contact me for further information: steph [at] stephdyson [dot] com