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JRNY Magazine

Pablo, Who? The b-side of Colombia’s “Narcos” story

The future of the Indigenous Wayuu in Colombia is hanging by a thread. Could tourism be a safety net?

What one Mauritian hotel chain can teach us about sustainable tourism

– South China Morning Post

travel writer South America chile

How to visit Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park sustainably

The Independent

How to see Peru’s Machu Picchu the sustainable way

The Independent

Build it and they will come

South China Morning Post

Mud Wrestling

Suitcase Magazine

Beyond the canal: Panama as a green travel hotspot

Travel Weekly

a photo of a city under blue sky with clouds

How one Medellín neighborhood transformed from landfill to thriving community


Rivers that build peace: Rafting with ex-combatants in Colombia


Land of giants

Travel Weekly


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Other features

Chile (US): The Best of Santiago’s Cold Weather Destinations (US): Where to Experience Chile’s Most Fiery Destinations

World Nomads (AUS): Geysers, Mummies and Salt Baths in Northern Chile

The Rough Guides (UK): A Journey Along Chile’s Route of the Parks

The Rough Guides (UK): The Cities That Make Chile South America’s Coolest Country 

Landrover Magazine (US): Go South, Young Woman: A Road Trip to the End of the Americas (printed)

Another Escape (UK): Survival At the Ends of the Earth (printed)

Nomadasaurus (AUS): The Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking in Chile

Nomadasaurus (AUS): The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in Patagonia

Nomadasaurus (AUS): Why Chile Shouldn’t Be Missed Off Your Adventure Travel Itinerary


Travel Weekly (UK) Discover the lesser-known north of Peru

Adventure Travel Magazine (UK): High Altitude Rewards (Huaraz)

Time Out (US): The 20 Best Things to Do in Peru

Wanderlust (UK): 9 Fascinating Archaeological Sites in Peru (that aren’t Machu Picchu)

World Nomads (AUS): Four Ways to Explore Peru’s Southern Coast

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Trip Savvy (US): The 20 Best Things to Do in Lima, Peru

Trip Savvy (US): The 15 Best Places to Visit in Peru

Nomadasaurus (AUS): The Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking in Peru

Verge Magazine (Canada): Becoming a Part of Something

Verge Magazine (Canada): How I Overcame a Language Barrier to Volunteer Abroad

Verge Magazine (Canada): The Challenges of Rural Life Panama

Suitcase Magazine: Mud wrestling

The South China Morning Post: Build it and they will come

Travel Weekly (UK): Beyond the canal: Panama as a green travel hotspot

General South America

JRNY: Hunting giants and jaguars in the Pantanal

Time Out (US): 50 things to do before you die

The Rough Guides (UK): Solo Travel In South America: Everything You Need To Know

The Rough Guides (UK): How To Find The Right South America For You

The Rough Guides (UK): 8 Must-Visit Places in South America You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 

The Rough Guides (UK):  15 Things Everyone Learns Backpacking in South America

Gap Year (UK): 5 Of the Most Spectacular Budget Trails in South America

Gap Year (UK): 5 Things You Should Never Do When Travelling in South America

Don’t Forget To Move (AUS): 8 Things To Know Before Backpacking in South America

Food and Drink

Mandarin Oriental Magazine: Six Cocktails to Savour in Santiago

New Worlder (US): Pisco Origins Though a Chilean Lens

Sustainability and Technology

Treehugger (US): The Best Solar-Powered Phone Chargers

Treehugger (US): The Best Plastic-Free Lunchboxes

Treehugger (US): The Best Eco-Friendly Camping Gadgets

Treehugger (US): The Best Vegan Boots

Treehugger (US): Numerous others

Responsible Travel

World Nomads (AUS): 6 Easy Responsible Travel Tips

World Nomads (AUS): Tips on Choosing a Truly Ethical Volunteering Program

Go Overseas (US): 27 Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Grants

Go Overseas (US): How to Find Scholarships for Volunteering Abroad

Go Overseas (US): How to Teach Abroad Without a TEFL Certification

Go Overseas (US): How to Volunteer in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics

Go Overseas (US): How to Volunteer Abroad for Free

Go Overseas (US): Where to Volunteer Abroad in Winter (UK): 6 Ways to Make A Gap Year More Valuable


Time Out (US): Buenos Aires Hotels for a Top Quality Stay

Selling Travel (UK): Argentina Is Ready to Eclipse the Competition

World Nomads (AUS): 6 Adventures in Tierra del Fuego

World Nomads (AUS): A Nature Love’s Guide to Coastal Patagonia

World Nomads (AUS): Make the Most of Your Trip to Southwest Patagonia


Fodor’s (US): The Fodor’s Go List 2018

The Rough Guides (UK): Bolivia’s Most Beautiful Journeys

The Rough Guides (UK): Bolivia: Make Time for South America’s Most Misunderstood Country

The Rough Guides (UK): Towards the Heart of the Amazon: A Journey by Bolivian River Boat (Features my photography)

Transitions Abroad (US): Why Volunteer in Bolivia?

Gap Year (US): Ten Amazing Reasons to Visit Bolivia (Features my photography)

Nomadasaurus (AUS): The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking in Bolivia

General Travel

Ecophiles (US): Graz, Austria: A Travel Guide to One of Europe’s Finest Ecotourism Destinations

The Rough Guides (UK): 14 Thoughts We’ve Definitely All Had Travelling

The Rough Guides (UK): 10 Fears We’ve All Had Travelling and How To Overcome Them

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Love Exploring (UK): How to Actually Enjoy Long-Haul Flights

Love Exploring (UK): 8 Reasons You Need To Have A Beach Holiday This Year

Transitions Abroad (US): Why Travel Abroad is an Essential Part of High School (US): How Volunteering Abroad Can Make You A More Responsible Traveller (UK): 6 Travel Myths You Need to Stop Believing (UK): 6 Life-Changing Things You Learn As A Solo Female Traveller (UK): 7 Travel Resolutions to Make For 2017 (UK): 7 Travel Epiphanies We’ve All Experienced (UK): 10 Ways Travel Isn’t How Instagram Wants Us to Believe (UK):  11 Things Only Travelling Brits Understand (UK):   How to Learn a Language When You Travel (UK):   How to Live Like a Local While Travelling

Go Abroad (US): 13 Ways Working Abroad Teaches You How to Adult